Veredictum XXI. Part I. Bellatores moribus
Whose side will you fight for?

Today the cultural world has come to an edge where the real art is still remembered and valued, but at the same time, it inevitably decays in low-grade sub-cultures that splash and instantly fade away. Of course, the modern world isn’t completely deprived of good, qualitative art, but every now and then it drowns in the slough of “conceptual” raunch and “art”- mess. This is the verdict number XXI.

As any project, Veredictum XXI will be understood by every spectator in his own way. Our main goal was to encourage the society to think over the consequences of the unstoppable progress. And how the priceless cultural heritage dies on the background of pseudo-cultures.

“Bellatores moribus” — people who are ready to defend the cultural morals and values — are the key characters of the first part of the photo-epopee Veredictum XXI. On one scale there is moral, culture and order, on the other — immorality, ignorance and chaos. their constant opposition is like the verges of one coin, where one can not exist without the other. But as usual, the coin falls only one side up, and we leave you the right to decide, whose side you will fight for, and which of them will take its advantage.
Sergey Fomkin
Igor Spivak
Margarita Pedchenko, Seth Tripp, Anastasia Smolyankina, Alexandra Nikolayeva, Dmitriy Ovcharenko, Maxim Yarushin, Vova Stupenchuck, Igor Spivak, Yekaterina Probachay, Juliana Papish, Ruslan Agayev, Anatoliy Onosick, Olga Gavrilick, Julia Akulova, Svetlana Kirpa, Igor Nazar, Denny Stovatorskaya, Inga Valein, Liliya Katolik
Yekaterina Ignatenko
Copywriting and naming:
Yevgeniya Shokun