Terms of Use
This document regulates the distribution principles for the website sfg.ua (hereinafter “Website”) Users (hereinafter “Third Parties”) of text and media information (hereinafter “Content”) located on the SFG® LLC website (hereinafter “Rightholder”). All rights to the content and its distribution are the intellectual property of the Copyright Holder. Any copying and (or) distribution of the Content by the Third Parties must be approved by the Rightholder by means of email hello@sfg.ua, or may be published without contacting the Rightholder indicating the Company Website as the original source. The Rightholder has the right to ban the right to copy and (or) distribute the Content by the Third Parties for any reason. In case of violation the above-mentioned Website rules, the Third Parties are liable in accordance to the current legislation of Ukraine.

SFG® is a registered trademark in Ukraine, its use is governed by the Law of Ukraine, and (or) the Regulations of the Company. Using the trademark SFG® make sure that it does not violate the above mentioned documents. Use the trademark SFG® only as the definition and never as a noun or a verb; never use the brand in either plural or possessive form. The trademark SFG® can not be changed, abbreviated or combined with any other words. Using trademark SFG® in cases that involve material benefit of Third Parties, partnership, affiliation, sponsorship or support from the side of SFG® or which can be interpreted as the publication of content created by SFG® and (or) representing the views and opinions of SFG® and (or) its employees is forbidden. The trademark SFG® can not be used on websites that contain or display adult-only materials, promote gambling, sell tobacco products and (or) alcohol, spread anti-state material content, or in any other way violate the applicable Law. Before using the trademark SFG® it is mandatory to notify the Rightholder via e-mail and to request a consultation using one of the contact numbers and addresses of the Company. The Rightholder has the right to ban the right for using the trademark SFG® by Third Parties without explanation. In case of violating the rules of using the Trademark contained in the Law of Ukraine and this Agreement, the Third Party is liable in accordance to the current Legislation of Ukraine.

This agreement becomes legal automatically when any page of the Website is opened, regardless the Third Parties’ awareness of these regulations.

Last updated: January 18, 2016