Full team to support
your business
SFG will do everything necessary for the effective presence of your brand on the Internet
Social media management and content creation
To develop your business, increase sales and create a community around your brand, you need to correctly promote it in social networks. SFG will make a content plan that correlates with the goals and objectives of the business, create visual and textual content, ensure the relevance of publications and link to newsbreaks in the information environment.
Native advertising
In order to unobtrusively draw attention to a product, service or brand, organically fit them into the content that we watch or read, SFG creates advertising that does not stand out from the general information flow. It is perceived as natural and useful content and does not look like advertising.
Website and app support
To ensure that your website and application always provide up-to-date information, meet technical requirements, and look stylish, SFG will take care of technical issues, update the interface and fill it with content.
YouTube channel
To build lasting relationships with your audience, your brand needs a regularly updated YouTube channel. Useful content and well-placed native ads will make your brand more recognizable every day. YouTube videos also help you rank higher in Google search results and increase audience loyalty and trust.