SFG video services include videorecording, writing preliminary scenarios, location preparation, model casting and final video montage and editing. Every reel is shot following all the goals and tasks that the client requires. We create commercial videos, video manuals and reportage videos that reveal all the company’s, business’ or product’s advantages.
We fully organize commercial shooting not depending on its duration, complexity and direction. Regarding the advertised product’s or service’s specifics we create or work with preliminary created scenarios and pick out the most suitable and beneficial kind of shooting in the most comfortable locations.
Combined video
We create reels, which technically form a combination of reportage, spontaneously shot moments with the staged, scenic shooting. This approach lets us mix the protocol parts with the natural actions and emotions in the real atmosphere. Such video always looks very dynamic and is very good for commercials and promotion.
Time lapse / Stop motion
We create videos out of thousands of pictures thanked to the fastened video and time-lapse photography. Such video catches the viewer’s attention right away thanks to its dynamic, beauty and originality. It will become a great alternative to the usual video for advertising, commercial videos and promotion.
Montage and post production
The final editing of the shot materials using the most modern techniques of video montage and post-production. The right videoline combination as well as its professional voicing and decoration let the viewer feels the biggest pleasure watching a commercial, video-story or re-watching a celebration party.