Full team to support your business
For many years SFG has been working with design, development, advertising, analytics and PR.
Our support program allows to completely substitute your design and marketing departments, lowering your expenses and increasing effectiveness.
From $190/month
We will take care of all the most important
Working with websites
For your website to always work effectively, look stylish and be easy to use and at the same time to give the most actual information we fulfill all the necessary tasks on its improvement and development.

Making advertising materials
Advertising is the most essential and effective way to promote any product. Our specialists in marketing will give you the best advice. And our advertisers will do their best to professionally implement these ideas. That will provide a better information spread about your project and as a result putting your business to a higher level.

We make the unique design for your business to be taken most seriously and effectively. Graphic design of the highest quality will highly increase your product’s contact with the key audience and present its advantages in the best way.

Online promotion
To reach maximum progress of the product’s or service's website we use the most different ways of promotion. We create social profiles and keep in touch with the followers forming positive contact with online audience.

Email lists and email-marketing
Email-marketing is one of the most effective modern ways of promotion any business. We softly but very neatly build the communications between a brand and its future and existing clients. That results in strong and continuous relations with subscribers, ability to get feedback and getting constant clients.