SFG photographers work with all kinds of shooting, turning the art of photography into a powerful tool that manipulates the client. Thanks to the modern equipment, skills in various shooting and post-production techniques, every picture carries all the necessary information: visual and semantic.
We create catchy, bright and emotional photos with perfectly-thought subjects and plots for the best impact on your potential client. We work with both studio and open air shooting in natural or prearranged locations.
We create photo reports about the most different events: local and national celebrations, sports, cultural and scientific events. SFG photographers pick out the best shooting spots to catch and predict all the necessary emotions, good foreshortening and right light and manage to cover up to 95% of participants and 98% of activities during the event.
Subject photography
We create bright and attractive photos of any subject. These pictures might be used for website content, magazine, promo products decoration as well as for the project presentation from different sides using zoom and various perspectives. Taking pictures of separate objects or their parts we consider where and how they will be located relatively to other objects and choose the best lightning and place on the surface.
Shooting portfolio
We take pictures of people, objects of arts, hand-made products and other original works for catalogues, brochures and portfolio websites. We create the unique set of photographs that presents your product or service from their best side thanked to the attractive visual image.
Food photography
We create the most appetizing photos of the separate food-products, meals and gastronomic compositions for their usage in advertising, commercials, menus, cookbooks and culinary blogs. We also cooperate with decorators and colorists who together with photographers make the most juicy and exclusive pictures.
Post-production and retouch
Make base and detailed editing of photographs: color correction, cropping, tinting, restoration. Working with the pictures we regard every still’s goals and tasks not reducing its naturalness.