Graphic design
Soft and distinct visual form or character is one of the main components for a catchy identification of a company, product or service. In SFG we design identity, corporate style, POS-materials, illustrations, characters, posters and presentations that will show your product’s best sides, demonstrating it to the wide audience.
We create a visual image of a company or business in the eyes of the target audience. We comprise a set of verbal and graphic constants which provide the unity of products, service or company perception.
Based on the existing company style, we design and create additional promotional products, and other supporting materials to enhance the level of sales and for advertising service or a product.
Illustrations and characters
We work out artistic and technical illustrations that enable to visually support the information and strengthen its content. We draw unique branded characters that may be supporters for the logo, as well as for any other advertising purposes.
We make banners, posters, flyers, attracting maximum attention to an event or a product. When creating posters we take into account their direct functions (propaganda, advertising, education, etc.) and the target audience.
We create static presentations following the most modern trends, and building a logical information flow. By focusing on the important aspects of a product, service or company we supply them with graphic and verbal content to create a complete informational picture for a consumer or a customer.