Brand building
Working with a brand SFG creates the name, logo and builds the whole concept for a product or service. We create well-thought media plans to achieve brand’s best contact with the key audience. We can also take part and fully organize all the legal procedures concerning enterprise or trademark registration in Ukraine.
Naming and concept
We create a set of ideas, image messages and approaches that determine effective ways in order to solve the challenges the brand faces. Develop a conceptual framework and the brand’s name with a detailed description of methods, tools and ways to achieve brand’s goals. Our team also provides a set of possible models for business development.
We create a logo to be an effective tool for identifying and embodiment of the product’s functional properties in a user-friendly manner.
Media planning
We develop a media plan that considers the business dynamics and define a set of tools and the sequence of their use to achieve maximum advertising resonance. We also provide the facility of business development modeling.
Trademark registration
We fulfill the procedures on registration verbal, visual, combined and three-dimensional marks for goods and services.
Enterprise registration
We accomplish the procedures on registering individual entrepreneurs and legal entities of all forms of ownership, establishment or legal analysis of statutory documents, as well as company's print orders.
We provide the support of company management process in legal and media aspects.