Animation that SFG creates is always emotional, bright and exceptional. We make video tutorials, promotional and advertising video, corporate presentations and animated interfaces, implementing the best trends of modern animation.
Interface animation
We create dynamic interface elements for a site or an application that best imitate the interaction with the user, provide an opportunity to think through intuitive gestures and usage scenarios.
Educational and promotional video
We create informative videos that quickly and clearly explain the purposes and benefits of the product. Dynamic, vibrant and clear videos can be of advertising, training or motivational use.
We create commercials that work to increase customer's and consumer's loyalty to the service or product. Due to the emotional and informative content we form positive perception of the product by the target audience.
We create multimedia presentations in video format. Thanks to clear information current, dynamic and vivid images this kind of presentation allows to quickly and clearly highlight the advantages of the goods or services as well as present the company's achievements.