SFG actively promotes outstaffing ideology. We claim that an IT or media product quality does not depend on where it has been created: in a garage outside your house, or in a hammock on Goa. Since 2014 we are recruiting various specialists from different cities. This results in a constant experience exchange which is always followed by professional improvement and stable earnings.
Making money

It is comfortable and profitable to work on outstaffing basis for a number of reasons. You waste no time on logistics and you control the daily workload yourself. You learn to prioritize and allocate your working time. Thanks to the constant synchronization with the team and the customers, our project groups work productively being located at any place on the planet, consistently earning money and gaining new experience.

SFG eagerly takes on useful and outstanding products. Working with complex projects strengthens and develops the ability to be independent from the project’s specifics. Outstaffing allows you to switch between projects without facing any bureaucracy and to allocate time for obtaining new knowledge and thereby to pump your professional level.
Having rest

Outstaffing, together with efficient time management, allows you to correctly plan the day, month and even a year. This approach brings balance between working time and time for recharging and restoring energy substituting the feeling of being “a hamster in a wheel" by personal comfort and pleasure. Getting official vacations, sick leaves or any other hardships of an office worker will stop bothering you at all. We have rest when we need it, we work where we want to. The only rule is to neither contradict nor harm the projects assigned to you.
If all the above mentioned sounds attractive, then why don’t you check it up yourself

We do not waste time checking the CVs and LinkedIn pages since the HR department is abolished. Therefore, send us a letter giving only that information about yourself which you consider to be necessary and important for us. And we will try to quickly give you a detailed answer offering options for our cooperation at open projects.