More than just doing
Before we start working on a project we thoroughly study it and let it through ourselves. That is why we go far beyond the client’s goals and even having finished our work, the production made in SFG stays here for a long time. Every project reveals new potential in ourselves and new opportunities for your business.
First it was hard to think as a child when you are 30-year-old man with beard and nasty character. — says the SFG designer who now likes to entertain the whole team by chemistry tricks.
The main critic for the logo was the children focus-group. We are not ashamed of asking kids for advice, because at this case they are the experts.
Oshow corporate style made the agency develop quickly in 9 cities of Ukraine.
Identity for children scientific show agency.
Where science and art meet
The client got three concepts even though he had requested only one. We prefer to let the person choose.
We have also suggested making the video international. Because we think globally.
SFG employees decided to sell some of their personal stuff and there appears to be more and more free space in their houses and in the office!
Commercial for the application.
How to sell anything within 10 seconds
Five SFG employees spent 240 working days on the project.
5 stages of work: UX, UI, markup, adaptation for different devices, testing.
SFG team has gotten so involved into the project that now we have a designer-numismatist and makeup a philatelist guy.
Online auction for collectors.
The great addition to SFG's collection
21 km of constant shooting.
8,000 photos and 550 Gb of video.
2,500 participants and ever-changing weather.
Photo and video reports about the sports event.
5 super-cool photographers on bikes can do magic
We talked a three-year-old child to sit still and look right at the camera.
Our operators can watch and catch all the necessary emotions of four different kids at the same time.
8 hours of shooting, 1 kg of sweets and absolutely unlimited children's energy helped us create a video that people would want to watch.
Promotional video for the children's educational program.
When the operators become animators