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Change beyond recognition. Lucas Levitan and his noble “stealing” on the Internet
A Brazilian artist living in Spain is engaged in “stealing” photographs on the Internet, giving them a completely new story and taking this into account in children.
Antique hipsters and neoclassicism
Erik Johansson: surreal photos that ruffling imagination
The Second Renaissance by Freddy Fabris
Alejandro Burdisio: digital illustrations that can not be distinguished from painting
Mona Lisa taking a selfie and Mozart's finger portrait. Digital art by Dito von Tease with deep connotations
Dito von Tease — a digital artist from Italy who does not want his face to be seen on the Internet — tells why the famous classical canvases are no longer so incomprehensible to the average person, and also why the finger substitute our faces.
Clear at first sight. Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski and its great meaning
How to fit the features of the whole country or generation into one illustration? Pawel Kuczynski can clearly and subtly show what is familiar to millions.
Michał Klimczak: Apocalyptic artworks and sci-fi stories
Davide Bonazzi: Conceptual illustration for worldwide media and warm personal stories
Jefflin Ling: black and white photography and the art of exposure
Life routine as the art by illustrator Anton Gudim
Globalization shown in the works of the most expensive photographer of the world Andreas Gursky
As you know, photographers see the world through the lens. And each of them has his own world, which is completely different from everyone else’s. But the true art of photography is to show another people how you see and feel the world around you.
Successfully combine motherhood and profession is possible — Iwona Podlasinska proves it
Photographer from Poland, mother of two children, openly demonstrates that the decree is not the reason to put paid to a career, but rather then time to try yourself in a new one. One of the most popular photographers of 2017 on Flickr talks about approaches and techniques in their work, master classes and main models — her children.
Just keep painting, — Jacob Dhein
Dylan Merlos — amazing photo manipulation in 3 hours
Logan Zillmer: conceptual photography and a passion for cinema
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