We invest in your ideas
SFG financially and intellectually supports potentially successful IT-projects.
Together we will fulfill the boldest ideas and create the handy and attractive products of the highest quality.
Know that your project is interesting and potentially profitable. But there is not enough like-minded people, money or those who would simply believe in your idea. You realize that you are on the verge of important achievements or introduction of something brand-new into IT industry, but something keeps you from making that important step towards making your idea be a real call. SFG team is ready to help professionally realize your project and bring it the way up to a competitive level.
Having several-year experience of productive cooperation with different clients, we have learned to logically build the working algorithms, set the right priorities and accents. We are ready to share this experience with the beginning teams. Everything is absolutely transparent: without any bureaucracy, kickbacks, raids, flashbacks or any other spontaneous surprises, we will take up on development, mentoring and supporting useful and promising projects. SFG has enough resource and experience to plan the development, maintenance and management of an IT project. Everything is always clear: without shadow capitals, black accounts and confusion inside the company. Disregarding the status or the term you have been working with the team, you understand where and why we are heading. Well instead of long preludes, let's get down to business and let us tell you all the most important that you need to know about our incubation practice.
A team / a person comes to us with a project. We sit down and discuss the features, specifics, common goals and objectives. After that, we see whether your project is ready to start being incubated by SFG. In general terms, we are interested in IT software development projects with the first round investment evaluation up to $3,000. Provided that everyone feels good about everything, we sign an investment contract — Term Sheet Agreement (TSA) — which will protect the parties from any confusion. One contract. Without amendments, additions or other unnecessary bureaucracy. That's all. We start working.

In addition to financial support, we also provide you with intellectual and mentoring support, as our specialists have repeatedly proved their competence working with the product, the client and even the competitor.
We invest.
Our mutually productive work is the key to our mutual profit. But any project requires good management, which is also impossible without financial obligations. We offer two forms of investing our capitals in your business:
► Establishing a new company by you / your team and SFG, dividing shares and responsibilities;
► SFG Incubator buys out a share / shares of your existing company.
Sharing money.
Royalties and investments payment formats:
► The Incubatory does not receive royalties until the next round of investment, but it has a fixed stake in the project. We do not involve outside investors. The new funds in the project’s company are provided by the Incubator only with each new round of investments. However, we may consider extra injection of funds by the Incubatory;
► The Incubatory receives royalties from its investments in the project implementation process. You have an advantage here since with this interaction model the Incubatory’s share is lower, but do not forget that you will not only have to pay interest to the Incubatory, but also to accumulate the profit;
► The Incubatory receives royalties after leaving the project, the investment is returned through accumulated profit.
At the initial stage, we agree and appoint fixed shares for the managing team, which are not diluted and remain unchanged until the contract expires. Since it is hard to objectively predict the volume and importance of tasks at different stages, and also to accurately assume the size of the monthly profit, there are no fixed salaries by default.

In order to avoid additional shares dilution we use the promotional bonus scheme SAR. Long story short, it is a beneficial alternative to the shares acquisition that will provide employees of the managing company with a substantial payment of funds after the successful implementation of the project and / or the project's withdrawal from the Incubatory.
Cooperation terms.
The main points describing the Incubatory’s and the managing team’s work are registered in the TSA. By signing this agreement, the members of the managing team accept the guarantee obligations concerning being involved into competitive activitie or headhunting the project employees in case of voluntary or forced dismissal from the company. We also reserve the right to designate the CEO of the project so that professional monitoring of our investments is guaranteed.
For the beginning you know even more than you need
So do not hesitate and pack your idea, a project or its completed part and send it to our e-mail. In the letter tell us what you think might be interesting and useful for us to know:
► About the project: name, core, and all that is needed for us to get overwhelmed with your idea (links to the site, prototype, presentation or any other materials);
► About the idea: where did it come from, whether there was a preliminary analysis of competitors, risks, advantages, etc.;
► About the work done up to this moment: how long has the idea been developed; what has been done for its development and who is in charge; what resources have been already involved and which ones are needed now; whether there have been other venture funds involved and the process of cooperation with them;
► About the team: contact people, the team members, location, features of the team.