There is a reason why the words idea and ideal look and sound almost the same
It is impossible to make an ideal product not having a thoroughly thought over concept of a future project. Here we are going to tell you how the ideas are born in SFG.
To hesitate means to think
We are never ashamed of our ambitions thus always unstoppable in the current of our thoughts. Even the brightest and the most genius ideas are hesitated, discussed and divided into details and only after we start turning it into a project.
Every point of view is to be considered
In our team everyone is interacting. In other words a developer may give an advice to a designer while a PR-manager might help us out in a situation that has nothing to do with PR at all. In any creative process there is no limit formed by a profession or a position. As well as there can be no useless ideas and each of them is usually considered.
There is nothing more important than a draft
To reach the ideal result you must have a lot of drafts. Like, A LOT! Each of them takes us closer and closer to a final goal. It is the draft that is squared, re-written and criticized many times, they are draft ideas and their details that take us the most time to discuss.
He who does not fail does not work
Sometimes it happens that a perfect-looking and sounding idea becomes absolutely plain in its realization. On noticing it we are not afraid to start it all over. To give up or continue working without inspiration means to lose the blast and desire to surprise yourself and your client.
The job is done when the result is perfect
At the end of this path we have a perfect concept. Understanding that we have actually found it among millions of options, filled it up with sense and use we present it to our client. And seeing that it not only satisfied him but went far beyond his expectations we breathe out and move on to the idea's realization.