Every project is a new achievement
Our clients’ growth and development are an undoubted indicator of SFG projects’ quality. The achievements of the companies we cooperate with are the main index of the team’s professionalism and high qualification. Our main task is to bring your business to the new level and to mark it out among the competitors.
Ryanair airlines has increased the online tickets sale by 21%
Thanked to the application created in SFG the Irish airline company Ryanair has increased its online tickets sale by 34% within 6 months. Such a quick growth became possible due to the implementation of a very convenient service which allows to check the flight availability and to buy tickets anywhere only having a smart-phone. All the mentioned has made the usual ticket booths expenses lower and improved the airline's service for the clients.
Logan, Deputy Director of the Client Service at Ryanair
Crocus Cinema has moved 38% of ticket sales from the movie theater’s booths to smartphones
Using the new application created by SFG the movie theater Crocus Cinema gives its visitors a possibility to buy the tickets to the movies on their mobile phones. It allows to reduce the expenses on having the usual ticket-booths and to increase the visitors’ loyalty giving them a more convenient way to buy tickets. The application allows to save the electronic ticket on the mobile phone and enter the theater simply showing it. Besides the application contains all the information about the movies shown in the nearest future.
Andrew, senior manager in Crocus Cinema movie theater
The Coca-Cola Company got to advertise its products for free
Thanks to the application created in SFG Coca-Cola gave an opportunity to a ten-million audience to enjoy new movies and music. Showing actual and free content the Company has gotten a huge surface for unlimited advertising its production among the potential consumers. It has greatly increased the loyalty to the brand and its mentioning on the Internet.
Timur, operation director in Coca-Cola Ukraine
Alcohol company Diageo has had the biggest bartenders' event in Ukraine
The branch of the world-famous alcohol company Diageo has held the Ukrainian league of the bartenders' art competition World Class Competition. A functional site, online registration system which were designed by SFG made it possible for the organizers to fast conduct all the competition stages, evaluate the competitors, demonstrate the results online and make the fans informed about the course of events. The competition has received a lot of positive feedback from the professionals in the entertaining sphere, has attracted a lot of new clients to the company and improved its reputation greatly.
Dmitry, Marketing Manager at Diageo Reserve World Class's Ukrainian branch
Kyivstar has raised the employees’ motivation and has attracted a lot of new staff
SFG has created a motivational video for the Kyivstar Company. On the stage of attracting the new staff it was shown to them, aiming to increase their interest in working for the company and to explain the benefit system, career growth and the main goals of the employees. According to the surveys, the motivation has highly increased and the amount of the new employees has grown by 25% comparing to the previous year. Besides, the HR-managers have noticed that thanked to the clear visualization of the motivational model in the video they now spend less time for its oral explanation during the job-interviews.
Irina, Deputy Head of HR-department at Kyivstar branch in Kyiv
Kinder chocolate TM has increased loyalty to the brand and sales
During the children photo competition "We are so alike" the Kinder Chocolate brand has widened its sales market and increased its production competitiveness by 6% in some particular regions. It has become possible thanked to the convenience and simplicity of the competition's website created by SFG. The website's functionality was simplified so that anyone could take part in the competition. As a result, the contest has gotten more than 2.5 million photos within 2 months. It has allowed to increase the brand's reputation and the number of fans.
Inga, marketing department of the Kinder Chocolate branch office
Jumbosell application has greatly increased the traffic from the search engines
To prevent the traffic loss from the search engines the adaptive website for Jumbosell application has been created in SFG. The well-structured front end provides fast indexation of all the ads, sending the interested ones to the app itself. Thus all the content is available while using the search engine, which increases the user influx.
Dmitriy, Head of marketing department in Jumbosell