World Black & White
Cole Thompson
Rohan Reilly
Yoshihiko Wada
Jefflin Ling
“Nojev Kovcheg” Gallery-cafe, Lviv
Oct 20, 2017
Lviv has become the second city to gracefully host the “World Black & White” exhibition after the one in Dnipro. Having caused a lot of discussion online, 21 black and white photos continued their trip and went to conquer Western Ukraine in “Nojev Kovcheg” Gallery-cafe, which is located in a cozy yard in the center of Lviv.
As a cultural capital of Ukraine, Lviv was preparing to the event beforehand having organized a four-hour online chat on the online-radio Skovoroda, devoted to the “World Black & White”. Art celebrities, famous bloggers and organizers were talking about not only the exhibition itself but also about the art of photography in general, colors, tastes etc. — a great pre-party discussion a few hours before the event.
At first, “World Black & White” exposition was planned to be a one-day event in all the cities, but Lviv gallery and a great number of tourists who always come to the city were giving a sign that the exhibition should be prolonged. And the organizers came to their mutual decision to leave the works in the gallery for the following seven days. Thus during the whole time the exhibition was attended by more than 1,500 people.
“Such events as art exhibitions, presentations etc have become pretty typical for our city. But when a few authors from different parts of the world come together in order to show their works in Ukraine, so that I do not have to travel thousands of miles to see them, this is really cool! Thanks to the organizers for this idea and their work”, — shared his emotions one of the “World Black & White” visitors in Lviv.