World Black & White
Cole Thompson
Rohan Reilly
Yoshihiko Wada
Jefflin Ling
Port Creative Hub, Kyiv
Nov 23, 2017
Kyiv. The capital. The last of Ukrainian cities to meet the “World Black & White” exhibition in 2017. New guests and new emotions for the organizers and new eyes for the photos. Already famous exhibition waited by the people and also announced by the Ukrainian and regional mass-media.
The event was unique for a couple of aspects, the main of which was the presence of Rohan Reilly, the author of six of the 21 exhibited pictures. Also the organizers had the rest of the authors to be present online, which was very interesting and new to the audience. A little shy during the online session itself, the guests became more open after the official part and asked Rohan and the organizers lots of questions. They were interested in works, the authors’ personalities and the format of the event. And thanked to QR-codes, placed under every photo, it was easy for the guests to learn something special about every picture.
A special thing about the event was the place where it was located — Port Creative Hub — a creative place on a Dnipro river pier. The gallery’s industrial style, the city night format, DJ set and a little alcohol made the guests feel very comfortable and tuned them on a deep perception of the exposition.
Kyiv has become a great finale of the exhibition set “World Black & White”.