World Black & White
Cole Thompson
Rohan Reilly
Yoshihiko Wada
Jefflin Ling
“Kvartira” Art-center, Dnipro
Sep 28, 2017
Dnipro has become the first Ukrainian city to see the “World Black & White” exposition. Perhaps that is why it had some kind of a mystery and some special mood could be felt during the event. For SFG itself, it was the first time the Company was hosting an international exhibition, that is why the team was trying to predict all the possible difficulties and to make the guests as pleased as they could.
The exposition was located in a hospitable “Kvartira” Art-center in the very heart of the city and was showing 21 photographs. A pleasant bonus during the opening of the exhibition was the opportunity to communicate with the authors online, ask them questions, learn more about the work and life of foreign photographers. The authors themselves were pleasantly surprised by the high level of the event organization and the number of people in Ukraine interested in their art.
Before the online conference with the authors began the guests had been able to have a thorough look at the pictures, discuss them and think of the questions they would like to ask the guest-speakers. The professional DJ found the best musical compositions which automatically put the event close to modern European events, and the partnership of Johnnie Walker gave its special taste and mood to the guests.
It was a great motivational start for the “World Black & White” series of exhibitions which was noted by populars bloggers and local media.