“From Ukraine with Art” exhibition
Nov 30 — Dec 30, 2015
From November 30 till December 30, right at the time before the newyears SFG was holding the exhibition of its four projects in Limassol (Cyprus). Hospitable Peter’s Gallery Center put more than 20 bright, expressive and unusual works in its expo center. It is worth mentioning that the time of Christmas and New Year holiday many people try to spend in warm countries and that is why exposition in warm and hospitable Limassol has become a big success and gained a lot of attention from thousands of people from many countries, as well as Cyprus residents. Every project or even every picture could be taken both: as a separate story or an inalienable part of the whole exposition. Such an effect was gained thanked to a consciously chaotic picture setting. This exhibition has become a great event for the organizers and creators of every project. No wonder, for they were representing their country to the foreign audience for the first time using their projects only. Referring to visitors’ feedback it can be said that Ukraine has not only pleased them with its “visit with art” (from the exhibition name From Ukraine with Art — auth.) but also impressed them by the high-level photography, unusual ideas and their professional fulfillment. It's good to believe that there going to be more and more overseas expositions that will highly and professionally represent Ukrainian art.