Digital Renaissance
Leo Caillard
Dito von Tease
Lucas Levitan
Oleksiy Kondakov
“Literary Dnieper” Museum, Dnipro
Oct 24 — 31, 2019
October 2019, in Dnipro, SFG Company presented the Digital Renaissance project. The event became the loudest cultural event of the fall. The exhibition featured works by world-class digital artists: Leo Caillard from France, Dito von Tease from Italy, Lucas Levitan from Brazil and Oleksiy Kondakov from Ukraine.
The authors create their works in different parts of the world, using different techniques, but the organizers combined their work in one project, putting into the forefront the theme of interpretation of classical art and its place in the modern world. Thanks to the Digital Renaissance project, we can see what classical art could be today.