Про Дніпро
Sergey Fomkin
Igor Spivak
“Kvartira” Art-center, Dnipro
May 14 — 21, 2015
On May, 14 SFG Company opened an exhibition about the wonderful and beloved city on the Dnipro River. The team has already had enough experience in making presentations of their projects, and this time it was a success again: the opening was attended by numerous fans of photography, the admirers of Dnepropetrovsk and simply its indifferent inhabitants. The exhibition of the photo project Про Дніпро was located in a welcoming and suitable place for such events — Art-center "Kvartira" which is a trendy cultural center of Dnipropetrovsk.
The project includes 20 pictures, 17 of which were represented in the exhibition. But these figures are rather conventional. Authors and creators of the project Sergey Fomkin (sfg.ua) and Igor Spivak (spivak.dp.ua) were convinced that it is impossible to show the whole beauty, diversity and grandeur of the city in the 10, 100 or even 1,000 photos. So they came to a decision that allowed to put together the best panoramas, landscapes and views of city streets, their architecture and uniqueness. Each main photo was created like the ancient mosaics — delicately composed of thousands of other small pictures to form a complete picture. "The biggest photo story of the city" — that's how the slogan of Про Дніпро and it was indeed. Because looking at every picture it splits into hundreds of stories kept by every place.
The atmosphere at the opening of the exhibition was very cozy, creative and relaxed. Everyone felt at home, and it could not be any other way, since it is a photo project about our home — Dnepropetrovsk. By the number of people who came to the opening, it can be concluded that people of Dnipropetrovsk yearned for good cultural activities and they were eagerly visiting such an event. Guests, journalists, photographers, entertainers, DJ everything witnessed that this cultural feast was very well planned and organized and was an amazing time spending for everyone present. In addition to warm conversations and comfortable atmosphere, the mood was controlled by General Partner of the exhibition — Captain Morgan — rum #1 in the world.