SFG is a hyperactive and self-sufficient company where the number of customers and employees constantly increases. Since 2014, we fanatically follow the idea of IT and media development and day after day we make new steps on improving the product and service quality.
We are sire that IT and media product quality does not depend on where it has been created: in a garage outside your house, or in a hammock on Goa.
We specialize in corporate and representative websites, online services and mobile applications, commercials and corporate style.
In our projects we apply the original media approach creating a different vision of usual things. Thanked to this we can overthink the project and show it from the other side. That is why the projects, created by SFG, are easy to use, attractive and innovative.
Our clients’ gratitude, SFG’s positive influence on their business and companies’ growth and development highly motivate us to work even more and harder.
Company representative offices work in Kyiv, Lviv and Dnipro.