About Us
SFG was founded in 2014 in Ukraine. We work with clients all over the world and develop digital products, have a full cycle of video production, create an identity and graphic design, organize cultural and educational events.
Our Approach
Our solutions are based on research and a deep understanding of the processes of interaction between a product and a person. We respect the consumer and do everything necessary to make the perception of the product always easy and comfortable.
It doesn't end with product creation. We build strategies for launching and promoting, we come up with visual communication systems and help companies realize their full potential in the digital environment.
Our clients are large, medium and small businesses from different fields of activity. We work with those who are ready for change and want to be in trend.
Our Team
We believe that the quality of the products we create does not depend on where they are made: at home on the couch or in a hammock on the beach. This approach allows us to quickly assemble project teams specifically for the implementation of your tasks and include the necessary specialists in them.
Contact Us
To write to us, go to our Telegram @hellosfgbot. We answer all, without exception.