SFG is a set of project teams, all of which is designed specifically to create a specific project. We involve the necessary specialists in order to realize the client tasks as efficiently and without any restrictions.
The company works in the areas of development, media and design: we develop sites, mobile applications and complex, highly loaded systems; we have a full cycle of advertising production, photo and video shooting, sound design and copywriting; we create identity and all kinds of printing.
Our employees are sure that the quality of IT and media products does not depend where it has been created: at home in a garage or in a hammock on the beach. Outstaffing allows us to collect project teams quickly, including the right specialists from all over the world.
In the work on projects we apply the original media approach. It creates a different vision of the usual things and gives an opportunity to rethink the project to submit it from a qualitatively new side. That is why the projects created by SFG are easy to use attractive and innovative.
The success and appreciation of clients, the positive impact of SFG projects on the growth and development of their business motivate us to work more and better.
Company representative offices work in Ukraine and Cyprus.