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This page is about what we can offer in addition of traditional approaches to the creation and distribution of advertising. These offers are good for brands and companies that plan to make a statement on the Ukrainian market.
SFG creates promotional videos, graphics and photos to promote your product, service online or offline. But besides this we have created several projects and platforms for integrating your brand. We will talk about them now.
A cultural or educational event branded by your company
We regularly hold events that bring together several hundred people and can be branded by the name of your company.
Why do you need this? 🙄 Any event with social value is always positively perceived by the majority of its participants and guests. Exhibitions, master classes, workshops are like that. If your brand is at the head of such an event, this will greatly increase the loyalty of a wide audience to you.
How might it look like? 🤔 We want to show you by the example of our events. International exhibition of black and white photographs taken at long exposure World Black & White. Or the Digital Renaissance exhibition, which brings together digital artists who interpret classical art.
Have anyone already done that? 🧐 The practice is widespread in the world when large and medium brands support socially significant and social events. For example, Volkswagen Prague Marathon or BMW Tate Live Exhibition.
How much does it cost and will be the impact? 🙃 No advertising campaign or integration guarantees you a certain number of purchases or visits to the site. Affordable of the event, we will confess the values of your company, which are expressed in its support of cultural and educational events that are significant for society. We will also be covering this broadly in news and social media. The budget for such integration is discussed individually.
Product placement and integration of your projects on YouTube
Our company has created and is actively developing two YouTube projects with a wide audience reach:
J😎bber is blog about professions
There you can post:
💥 7-second jingles at the beginning of the release costing 2 000 ₴ (with production);
🚀 Large integration lasting up to 1 minutes, costing 1 000 ₴ (without production);
👀 We guarantee 3 000 views of any issue of this project.
Слоггер is a project in interview format
There you can post:
💥 7-second jingles at the beginning of the release costing 3 000 ₴ (with production);
🚀 Large integration lasting up to 3 minutes, the budget is discussed individually;
👀 We guarantee 3 000 views of any issue of this project.
Why do you need this? 🙄 In recent years, YouTube has become a site where a huge number of people watch very different videos — from music videos to large, serious interviews. Persuasive advertising on television, produced as long blocks, has already become the usual information noise and is simply not perceived by the audience. The unwritten rule of content authors on YouTube has taught users that there will be no more than 2 commercials in one video. Thanks to this, viewers are much more loyal to advertising on YouTube.
What it can look like? 🤔 If you’ve watched Yuri Dud's show at least once, you’ve probably already seen similar integrations. If not, check out the latest YouTube releases of our Слоггер and J😎bber projects.
How to understand the impact? 🙃 In the description on YouTube, as well as on its page on the SFG website, we publish a link to your website, landing page or social network account. It stays there forever. All clicks on this link are considered and provided to you in the form of a report.
The article is best suited to talk directly about something. It can be serious and not very, describe the brand, phenomenon or convey the experience of using your service.
Why do you need this? 🙄 Easy-to-read text with photographs or numbers is still one of the most popular ways to communicate information about something. It gives you the opportunity to get an exhaustive description of your brand or service, and also increases cited rates on the Internet.
How it can look like? 🤔 Check out our article about cashback for monobank, your text may be similar in structure and writing style. But we are ready to find other solutions.
How much does it cost and what will be the impact? 🙃 We guarantee 5 000 views of your material on our website and partner sites. All these will be real people. The cost of writing and publishing an article is 2 000 ₴.
If you have questions, write to our managers at
Usually, we reply the same day.