Hi, this is SFG talking
We develop websites, mobile applications and software. We shoot commercials and create VFX. We design interfaces and form brand identity.


We develop image landing pages and complex web services built on modern technologies.


We create native and cross-platform applications.


We transfer business processes online and help the digital transformation of companies of various sizes.


We talk about the uniqueness of the product or service. We make you want to join your brand.

Animation & VFX

We push the boundaries of what is technically and artistically possible to tell your stories.

Overview videos

We create a new image and unique style for a company or product. Increasing brand awareness and loyalty.

As well as:
Logos & identity.
Graphic design and interface design.
Podcasts and content for YouTube.
Cultural and educational events.
Does my business need a website or application?
Need to run TikTok? Will Instagram be enough?
Who listens podcasts? Maybe we need a YouTube channel?
Don't know where to start? SFG develops strategies for companies and brands that are ready to conquer the digital environment without fear of change. Today requires adapting to current channels and platforms, broadcasting your values and speaking the same language to your audience.